Software Architect

Software Architect is the primary skill that is needed even before a software project starts. There is clear demand for this skill and yet there is a shortage. The primary reason is that it takes a very long time for a developer to actually transition into a software architect. It takes time to gain the required knowledge through experience.

Developer To Architect

Moving from a developer role to an architect role requires the ability to create software solutions that can scale. The skills needed for building a house are not sufficient for erecting a sky-scrapper. Similarly an expert senior developer also needs to acquire a higher set of skills to design and architect a system.

The first and the most important thing is to know what skills are needed to be an architect. As an expert developer you already possess design and development skills. The next level requires you to acquire deep architectural knowledge of an entire system. The level of expertiese required is best summarized by the following statement: Architecture represents earliest design decisions that are hardest to change, and most critical to get right

What is Needed

A Software Architect needs to worry about anything that is significant and has a bearing on the properties, development, maintenance and evolution of a system.

There are four key subject areas that a software architect needs to master:

System Viewpoint - The ability to see a software system as a whole

  • Identifying architecturally significant elements of a system

  • Design principles for building and extending systems

Platforms, Tools & Development

  • Quick and reliable development of a system

  • Significant technical details of all layers of a system.

System Deployment & Operations - Methods to build, deploy, operate and maintain systems that are available 24X7 with very high uptimes.

System Properties - Techniques to achieve system requirements such as:

  • Performance

  • Scalability

  • Availability

  • Reliability

  • Security

  • Interoperability etc.

How to get there

You can get there quickly with our help.

Our course 'Architecting Software Solutions' covers all the important subjects that a Software Architect needs to understand. It explores all core concepts of various tools and technologies along with architectural principles to put you on a very strong footing. You can find the details of this course in the Course Contents section

Following are some of the highlights of our course:

Practical Learning: As part of the training, we build a system from scratch and make architectural, design and technology decisions as we go along.

Technology Learning: For building a large-scale system, we need to evaluate multiple platform, tools, and architectures. Learning technology is at the core of our course.

As an example, for building a user-facing application, we may reason about UI technologies and framework. What should be the basis for selecting or rejecting a particular option? Should UI use AngularJS? Should Web Application use NodeJS? Should the services layer use SOA or Micro-Services? What factors to consider while designing RDBMS schema? How to manage log files and do real-time analytics? All such decisions cannot be undone easily and need a deep understanding of software architecture.

Cloud Based Learning: The world is fast moving towards SaaS based applications on Cloud. Continuous Development and DevOps is the way forward. Our course deals extinsevly with Cloud and Cloud tools while we learn Software Architecture in general. In reality, this course is the right way of learning Cloud Environments.

Course Contents