Corporate Training

Private training for corporate clients



We believe that professionals in the industry should be able to choose, learn and get started with any new technology in no time. So we have designed our courses to be compact and yet very comprehensive.


Each one of our course includes a mini project on a real problem. We provide virtual environment images or a setup on a public cloud, to save the time required for setting up a development environment.


Our training is highly interactive. Asking questions is a two-way process and a key aspect of our training. Participants are encouraged to bring up the topics of their interest and we address the same.



All courses can be customized for the level of depth and details. Please visit the Training section for more details.


We conduct training that range from a day to a couple of weeks. The exact time duration of a training depends on its breadth and depth.


We conduct all corporate training at client locations in all big cities of India - Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi.

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Individual Training

Training for individual career advancement


Wholistic Approach

Our training covers all important aspects of software development. It involves design and architecture discussions as you apply your learning during hands-on exercises. We strive to make you independently create new solutions on your own.

Stronger Foundation

Training with us provides you an opportunity to work on your challenges and build a stronger foundation for further learning and career advancement. In a small group of people, you get the necessary attention of our trainer which maximizes your learning.

Time Saver

Commute in Bangalore can be time-consuming and tiring. So you have an option of attending half of the classes online from your home. For rest of the classes, you need to be in the classrooms at our locations.



Our training ranges from a week to several weeks depending on the topic and frequency and duration of classes.


We conduct classroom training at selected locations in Bangalore city, with Bellandur area as one of the designated location.


We arrange network and projectors. Students need to bring their own laptops.

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Technical Consulting

For developing or enhancing software systems.

Our Expertise

We have more than a decade long experience in making enterprise systems and working with open source software systems. We have expertise in architecting and designing web-based systems, backend services, databases, and big data systems. We are highly skilled at building software systems.

Cost Effective Solutions

These days very cost-effective systems can be built using open source software on Cloud. You pay in the proportion of the scale of your system. The most important factor here is the expertise and we can help you build the same.


If you are a medium size or a small size business and you need external expertise, our help will be ideal for you. We can help you architect and design new solutions. We can also help you with automation, and improve scalability and performance of existing systems.