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The only course that takes a practical approach towards Architecting Software Systems and covers everything you need to know to be a great architect.

What is ‘Developer To Architect’

A Developer or an Application Architect works within the bounds of a component or an application. They are mostly concerned with the implementation of functionality with a focus on code and design.

An Architect is concerned with every aspect of a system that significantly affects the system as a whole. She focuses on building non-functional properties of a system paying attention to underlying platforms, tools, and technology stack.

Featured Reviews

Kumaraguru Muthuraj

“ I bought this a few months ago and paused at Security. New content was added by the author with lots of hands on work. I will come back and add to this, but want to acknowledge that this is a great course covering a lot of content. Lot of value for your money and you end up learning a lot. Its just a single stop for all knowledge about application performance and deployment. You can use this as a starting point for a great career transition or build a simple application of your own and progressively build over! ”

Diana Pauline

“ Very useful in comprehending the various elements in Software Architecture. Contents are structured in an easy to grasp manner. The architectural diagrams are clear, crisp and give good understanding of each concept. ”

Anupom Ghosh

“ The best course in Software Architecture. I searched for the material and mentorship for a long time. The knowleged shared is incredible. Take this class. ”


“ I just bought the course yesterday, finished the intro, I can just saw WOW!!! exactly what I needed, much respect to the trainer, I am pumped... I would like to see if there is more offering like weekly call course or projects... Thank you so much. ”

Carl Garcia

“ Very thorough, comprehensive and well presented. This is a must-have for core system design knowledge. ”

Li Quian

“ I feel lucky to find this comprehensive course about software systems. Very informative and well explained! ”

Aashutosh Mehta

“ A Perfect course to a have an overall design consideration. It provides a good view of system Architecture, methodologies and tools needed to implement them. ”