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Software Architect

What so many like you are saying

Amit Tripathi

If there was a Oscar for courses, I would have whole heartedly given that! This is such an incredible piece of work. I have gone through most of the topics covered in this course elsewhere in pieces, but this course is beyond all that.

I wish I had come across this course much earlier. I set the speed to 1.25- 1.5, but that is because I had idea about topics and content, but this also proves the usefulness of providing option to play a course in different speed settings. For someone totally new to these topics, normal speed of 1.0 will be useful.

Kateryna Dubinina

The course is filled with a tremendous amount of useful information, and nothing else. It covers literally EVERYTHING for becoming a good architect (but also will be very useful for developers as well).

Every lesson you learn something new, the explanations are clear, the teacher speaks clear English, so you can easily listen on 2x. Amazing work and I am happy to find this course! Thank you very much!

Prashant MD

This is the most concise coursware one can get their hands into. I have taken many courses but none can come close to this one. This course contains everything. The author covers every tiny details that is required for any developer to move into the architect role.

Personally, i have always been a developer for over a decade. Taking this course has opened my eyes to the new world of architecture.

Marko Jovanovic

Excellent course!! As developer this course gave me wider thinking on architecture. Recommendation for all senior developers.

Carl Garcia

Very thorough, comprehensive and well presented. This is a must-have for core system design knowledge.

Sher Ali Khan

Software Architecture Design - why, what and discussing their pros & cons from technical and design perspective. Great content and author has covered in a great details. Enjoyed every slide and can relate to.

Roberto Ceccarelli

I honestly have to say that this course is awesome! It gives you a quite detailed panorama of all theaspects, problems and technologies involved when you are architecting a software solution (in particular involving microservices architectures and distributed systems).

The author is very knowladgeble and the explanations are quite detailed. I simply loved it. If I could give 6 stars I would! Thanks!

Diana Pauline

Very useful in comprehending the various elements in Software Architecture. Contents are structured in an easy to grasp manner. The architectural diagrams are clear, crisp and give good understanding of each concept.

Raniket Ram

I have watched thousands of videos and read hundreds of articles but I found this course the most useful resource to enhance my understanding of software architecture. I would like to thanks the author for this wonderful resource.

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