About Us

NewTechWays is an Academy for Software Architects. It is a definitive place for software professionals to learn the practical aspects of architecting and developing large-scale, high-quality software applications. NewTechWays helps Developers transition into Architects, which otherwise is a time-consuming process in general.

Architecting large-scale software applications is not a readily available skill. There are several challenges. The biggest one is the extensive technical knowledge that an architect must possess to be able to work effectively at a system scale. An architect needs to understand all complexities and challenges in different parts of a system. She needs a lot of upfront decision making by understanding various trade-offs while designing architecture. It takes years of rich experience to develop such skills.

NewTechWays was founded to help Developers acquire the necessary skills to transition them into 'True' Software Architects. It aims to make this transition process quick and easy. They gain expertise in multiple domains of technology. The focus is on learning the latest technology trends and tools that are critical in making a modern software system that is production worthy and highly scalable, reliable, secure, and performant.

NewTechWays was started by Anurag Yadav as its founder. He has rich experience in developing and architecting large-scale enterprise products for businesses and retail. He has worked in the software development industry for more than 18 years in various technical and leadership roles.
He is Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect. He is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. He has done B.Tech from IIT (BHU), Varanasi in the year 1999. You may go through his LinkedIn profile to know more about his work experience and accomplishments.