Implementing Software Architecture

What you will learn
  • Understand through code, the architectural challenges of developing large-scale systems - Scalability, Reliability, Deployment, Observability

  • Downloadable code along with configuration, scripts and instructions to run a mini system on your laptop and on a cloud environment

  • Code implementation of various tools and technologies used for making large-scale systems - Redis, RabbitMQ, Netflix, Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes & more

  • A practical demonstration of how systems are scaled and operated on both On-Premises environment and in Cloud environments

Who this course is for
  • A little knowledge of Java will be helpful in understanding code. If you do not know Java, then a good experience with any other modern programming language will also do.

  • Familiarity with very basic Linux shell commands and scripting will be helpful. If you haven't worked on Linux, then a good scripting experience on any other platform will also do.

Course Highlights
  • Total course duration: 12 hrs

  • Downloadable end-to-end system code

  • Live demonstration of many technologies

  • 5+ free videos

Course Contents