Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I get a lifetime access to the purchased course content?

Answer: Yes you get a lifetime access to the purchased course content. You can go over the contents again even after completing the course. For detailed information please go through the terms and conditions document.

Question: Will I have access to all future updates to the course?

Answer: Yes, as and when the course gets updated with some additional content, it will be made available for you as well.

Question: Do I get a certificate after the course completion?

Answer: Yes, you get a Certificate of Completion. For the same, you need to raise a request on the Support page. After the request submission, we will do a verification at our end and issue the certificate. Following is the link to a Template Certificate.

Question: What do I do if I face a technical issue?

Answer: Although we ensure that product upgrades are made available with all necessary checks, we can not completely rule out the possibility of issues. If you face any problem, then please raise an issue on the Support page and we will try to resolve it asap. You can also send a mail to

Question: Why do I see paid content as locked?

Answer: The course material reverts to restricted mode once you do a sign-out or the session times out. To get the full access back, you will have to Sign-In again by clicking your profile or sign-in link on the main navigation menu.

Question: Is there any mobile app for the course?

Answer: At present, there is no mobile app for the course. However, you can view the course content on a mobile browser as the website is fully responsive. For the best user experience, please use a Mac or a PC.

Question: Can course videos be downloaded so that they can be viewed offline?

Answer: Course videos are not intended be downloaded. They should be viewed directly over the Internet only.

Question: Does this course have hands-on exercises?

Answer: The course has live demonstrations and a full system code to illustrate and reinforce system-level concepts. The intent is to understand the architectural aspects related to - performance, reliability, scalability, security, and deployment of a system. At the same time, it may as well help to understand the development aspects of the system.

Question: Do I need to know Java or any specific programming language or technology to go through the course material?

Answer: The course material mostly deals with architectural stuff that is language and technology agnostic. For demonstrations, examples, and system code, it predominantly uses Java. Familiarity with any other objected oriented language will help you sail through.