Developer To Architect

"To be successful at senior levels, you don't need a few more skills but skills that are a few levels up!"

Developer Vs Architect

Developer To Architect - Developer
Developer To Architect - Architect

Moving from a developer role to an architect role is best described by the difference between the ability to construct a house and the ability to build a sky-scraper building. Like building a sky-scrapper requires the ability to handle the scale, building a large scale software system too requires the ability to create software solutions that are Scalable, Resilient, Secure, and Performant. An architect needs to understand all significant aspects of all components of a system and should view it as a whole. A developer to become an architect needs to acquire these higher set of skills that allows her to architect, improve, and extend a system.

Architect's Viewpoint

Architecture represents earliest design decisions that are hardest to change, and most critical to get right

An Architect understands anything and everything that is significant about a system and has a bearing on its properties, development, maintenance, and evolution.

System Viewpoint

  • The ability to see a software system as a whole

Platforms, Tools & Development

  • Architectural trade-offs involved with design, tools, and technology

System Deployment & Operations

  • Deploy, operate, scale and upgrade systems with efficiency and consistency

System Properties

  • Performance, Scalability, Availability, Reliability, Security

We Can Help You

Get there much sooner

NewTechWays course Developer To Architect covers every subject area that an Architect needs to master to architect large scale solutions. It includes all core components of a system along with various tools and technologies to develop and deploy large scale software systems. Architectural attributes like performance, scalability, reliability, and security are central to every topic. You can find the details of training courses in the content section or here.   Course Content

Course Highlights

Hands-On Learning

As part of the training, we build and deploy a complete system with UI, services, databases, monitoring, etc to clearly understand the impact and merits of our design and architectural decisions.

Technology Learning:

For building a large-scale system, we need to evaluate multiple platform, tools, design patterns, and architectures. Learning new platforms, tools, and technology is the core part of our courses.

As an example, for building a user-facing application, we may reason about UI technologies and framework. What should be the basis for selecting or rejecting a particular option? Should UI use AngularJS? Should Web Application use NodeJS? Should the services layer use SOA or Micro-Services? What factors to consider while designing RDBMS schema? How to manage log files and do real-time analytics? All such decisions cannot be undone easily and need a deep understanding of software architecture goals.

Cloud Based Learning:

The world is fast moving towards SaaS-based applications on Cloud. Continuous Development and DevOps is the way forward. Our courses deal extensively with Cloud and Cloud tools. They help you learn not only the subject at hand but also Cloud technologies as our exercises and content covers both on-premises and Cloud solutions.

'Developer-To-Architect' is a five-day training program that is helpful for engineers in making early steps into Software Architect role by getting them to understand the critical aspects of an overall system that can make or break the system. They also learn new methods and technologies that are quickly gaining industry adoption. The course is divided into four sections:

  • System Components

    • Web Applications

    • Services

    • Databases

    • Analytics

  • System Properties

    • Performance

    • Scalability

    • Reliability

    • Security

  • System Operations

    • Deployment

    • Monitoring

    • Logging

  • Architecting Systems

    • Case Studies

    • Architect a Mock System

    • Develop, Build & Deploy the Mock System

System Components

Architectural Components
  • Web Applications

    • Session Management

    • Stateless Web Applications

    • Storing Static & Dynamic Data

    • HTTP Caching & CDN

    • MVC in UI - AngularJS

    • MVC in Web App - Spring MVC

    • Single Threaded WebApps - NodeJS

  • Services

    • Modularity & Dependency Injection

    • Service Oriented Architecture

    • Web-Services

    • Restful Architectures

    • Micro-Services

      • Motivation

      • Challenges

  • Databases

    • RDBMS Architecture

    • Storage Internals

    • Query Access Paths

    • Handling Concurrency

    • ACID Transactions

    • Distributed Transactions

    • High Availability & Scalability

  • Analytics

    • DataWarehousing & Business Intelligence

    • Big Data with Hadoop & MapReduce

    • Streaming Data with Spark

System Properties

Architectural Properties
  • Performance

    • Performance Metrics
    • Design for Performance

      • Concurrency & Queuing
      • Caching & Coherence
    • Performance measurement
    • Performance Improvement
    • Java Performance
  • Scalability

    • Scalability Techniques
    • Stateless Architecture
    • Shared Nothing Architecture
    • Caching
    • Asynchronous Processing
    • Load Balancing
    • Auto Scaling
    • Global Scalability
  • Reliability

    • High Availability
    • Fault Tolerance
    • Replication
    • Fault Isolation
    • Backups
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Security

    • Securing Data at rest
    • Securing Data on wire
    • Securing Networks
    • Authentication & Authorization
    • Single Sign-On
    • Common Vulnerabilities

System Operations

  • Deployment

    • CI & CD
    • Containers & VM
    • A/B Deployment
    • Rolling Upgrades
    • Cloud Deployment
      • IAAS
      • PAAS
      • Kubernetes
      • Serverless
  • Monitoring

    • System Monitoring
    • Metrics
    • Alerts
    • Trace
    • Log Monitoring
      • Aggregation
      • Analytics
    • Error Reporting

System Architecture Design

Architect a large scale system. Develop and build using modern technologies and methods.
Deploy the system on a public cloud like AWS or Google Cloud.

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