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NewTechWays has been started with a goal to provide world-class training services to software professionals to help them with new technology implementations and decision making. The software technology industry is moving at a very brisk pace which makes it hard for professionals to keep up with this pace. This results in gaps between the technology available and the technology leveraged. Moreover, these days there are plenty of options available to solve any problem. All of these solutions have their own merits and demerits which easily get lost in the marketing rant that claims to be one size fits all.

NewTechWays helps to bridge this gap by providing quality services to companies and professionals for building new competencies and augmenting existing skills. Today it provides these services in the form of corporate training, technical consulting and mentoring. NewTechWays differentiates itself from others, by researching new technology options at the lowest level of architectural and implementation details. These details help customers not only with technology implementations but also with technology related decision making. Thus it saves time and money for them.

NewTechWays is started by Anurag Yadav, with a vision and a strong commitment to making an organization that will set new standards in the space of software training and technical consulting. He has spent 17 years developing software products for various companies in various technical and leadership roles. Being an engineer at heart, he is passionate about new technologies and learning. NewTechWays is a step towards his passion of researching new technologies, sharing his experience and knowledge with others in the industry. He has done B.Tech in Metallurgical Engg from IIT BHU, Varanasi in the year 1999. Since then, he has worked with HCL Perot Systems, i2 Technologies, Rational Software, JDA Software and eRevMax up to the year 2017. His LinkedIn profile has more details about his work experience.

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Anurag Yadav